Building Community with Taproot

Ever feel out-of-the loop with your child’s school day? Get the latest anytime you sign in online, in Spanish or English. Once you create a family profile, your family can post. To grow full school adoption and engagement with this tool, please share the tips below with others.



Many members rely on Google Translate to translate the content, so please keep language brief. This is not a moderated feed, so use your general communication and social media etiquette instincts. Content should be related to our school community (i.e., no advertising).

Getting Started

Step 1: Login and Profile

Click here to view video on how to login and create your profile.

First accept the email invite to these groups to view notifications and posts:

  • New School SF – school posts
  • Your Child’s Grade – grade posts
  • Your Child’s Class -(First A, First B, Second A, Second B, etc.) – class posts

To be able to post,  you will need to create your profile with photos. If you sign up with your Facebook account, your Facebook profile picture will be automatically imported. Add your child and partner, so that our community can get to know families. 

You will now receive notifications and be able to view the newsfeed.

Step 2: Settings

You can change the language you receive messages in via “settings.”  Your messages will automatically be translated to other member’s preferred languages.

You can change the frequency of email notifications from settings. Click here to see how.

Step 3: Add ios app to phone

Iphone users: Download the ios app here. If you select ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS in Settings, you’ll get important announcements immediately pushed to your phone.

Android Users: You’ll need to create a bookmark.  Open your Android browser and go to the page that you want to bookmark. Tap “Menu” and wait for the menu to appear from the bottom of the screen. Select “Add Bookmark.” Enter information about the website so that you’ll remember it.


You can change the frequency of email notifications from settings (upper right corner on web, upper left menu on mobile). Click here to see how.


Can't find the post!

Use the search feature. Click here to see how.

Filter posts by group or category

Here’s how to filter your post view. When on Taproot, you have the option of filtering what posts you’d like to view by group. To do this:  Go to MY COMMUNITY on the left-hand menu bar. Click on the group you want to view (i.e., 1ST GRADE). Once in that group, you’ll see a menu reading “ADULTS/KIDS/POSTS/PHOTOS.”  The menu defaults to “posts”. For the web, touch the People Icon and then the Group (mobile).

Reduce clutter - follow post to override settings

Follow posts to override settings so less emails.

New - How to use the right drop down menu on posts to see dashboard, edit, hide, delete, report

Make video.

How to post

Make video How to use the right drop down menu on posts to see dashboard, edit, hide, delete, report

App differences

App settings on phone.  How to delete posts with right dropdown. How to find responses to post.

Creating camps or groups with 3rd parties

Improve -Perhaps you are setting up a camp on the professional days, and want to inform parents and keep existing parents.

  • Create groups – do with an announcement
    • Create Excelsior Science group, then post with link for new folks

How to find user's emails

Sometimes you may wish to continue a conversation off Taproot. To find user emails, check the user’s profile or check the directory on the right list of links available from the web browser.

New - How to use dashboard for posts

New - How to ask for volunteers

Go through an Admin (School Leadership, Teachers, Room Parents, and Home School Council Leads) to create Volunteer signup.


Can email those who respond to an announcement, so don’t have to use directory.

New - How to send urgent messages

Go through an Admin (School Leadership, Teachers, Room Parents, and Home School Council Leads) who can send an  Announcements to send urgent messages which override a users’ notification settings. Click here to see how.

Why Taproot?

Taproot is a  a secure, online communication tool designed for schools. It enables instant language translation of all content. Parents connect, ask questions, and share advice. Leadership and teachers relay just-in-time news about your child’s class, and subcommittees send needs and progress updates.

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Help / Feedback

We have a unique opportunity to shape and build this tool.  Please email Deena @ or use the feedback tab in the product.


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