Our Rapid Instructional Design Process

Phase 1: Discuss and Define
Phase 1: Discuss and Define
All aboard! Discuss, define, then design.
  • Include all stakeholders from the start to keep costs down.
  • Discuss and define the true learning needs of audiences.
  • Refine the learning prescription within the context of non-training recommendations.
Phase 2: Develop
Phase 2: Develop
Align then develop
  • Create a blueprint for learning, retention, and transfer that gives stakeholders the space to align on content.
  • Develop engaging experiences for learner retention.
Phase 3: Deliver
Phase 3: Deliver
  • Deliver training and assess it's impact post training.
Deliver and refine
  • Prototype the look and feel of the learning solution
  • Check usability of interactivity with audience
  • Develop deliverables according to design
  • Incorporate minor content edits upon draft review

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